About Company

CMH Global stands for Consciousness Media House . It operates on the Global level. The main objective of the media house is to transform attitudes through consciousness content. Our research confirms that major problems of the world exist due to lack of consciousness of the facts among people.Consciousness is defined as ‘‘The state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings’’. It is also defined as a person’s awareness or perception of something. CMH Global aims at making people aware of their internal lives as well as external surroundings.
Human beings face many challenges like stress, environmental problems, crimes, competitions with others, business competition and earning profits, health and wellness issues, relationships conflicts, family disorders, etc. Various agencies sell their products and services to them based on the type of issues these people face. Despite laws, consultancy services, medical services, very less transformation is seen on these rising issues. We at CMH Global strongly believe that until and unless people become conscious there doesn’t seem any solution for the problems people face. From smaller challenges and problems to larger ones, one needs consciousness. The right consciousness about the environment could have controlled the Global warming threatening issue. Similarly, right consciousness about values could have controlled degrading relationships between families and people.
In order to fill up this huge gap CMH Global was born to transform attitudes of the people through right consciousness.