About Company

Conscious Mind Hub, shortly "CMH Global" was founded by Dr. Ramesh C Raina in the year 2017. It is an Indian Startup company.

Our research has surfaced important facts pertaining to problems which human beings generally face. Interestingly all the major, as well as minor problems which human beings face, are similar in nature across the world.
Lust, anger, attraction, greed, ego, and envy are the major disorders that are the root cause of all human sufferings. The brain is our soil and we keep on sowing seeds in the soil. The quality and characteristics of our brain play a vital role in growing those seeds into plants and later fetching fruits from those trees. Here seeds are thoughts and the fruits are our actions, results, and outputs which we achieve in our lives.

Perfect soil grows perfect fruits and perfect brains fetch seamless actions, results, and outputs..

The "Conscious Mind Hub" resonates with this concept and idea of nourishing and developing healthy and rejuvenating brains and finally successful human beings. .

We believe that temporary solutions are short-lived. Many courses, techniques, coaching classes tend to bring changes at the outer level only. These training courses and sessions bring short-lived transformation in you and after some time period, you return back to your original state of mind. These act like whitewashing and cosmetic treatments..

This gap is filled up with the tested and practical processes and techniques carried out by CMH Global. The processes and techniques which we have devised and designed are inclined to soil transformation rather than whitewashing and cosmetic treatments..

CMH Global is an online learning Hub that will coach, mentor, and teach aspirants irrespective of caste, creed, color, race, religion, and economic status. The goal is to help people nourish and rejuvenate their energies at subtle levels. It is a process that will work at the grassroots of your brain and mind and transform and elevate you once for all. Whatever you will do thereafter will be marked with great success and satisfaction..

Trained experts will teach, coach, and mentor you through online mode. The content will be in the form of recorded lessons, live chat sessions, and other live presentations. The course curriculum will have one-to-one coaching sessions, and group coaching sessions. .

Different courses will help you transform your disorders into more powerful useful energies. You will find a new person in you. A new person who is compassionate, empathetic, caring, lovable, intelligent, creative, happy, peaceful, a high performer, and successful. .

We cannot transform you to be like any other person or like your ideal, But we will transform you "To Become A Perfect "YOU"..

CMH Global Blueprint

i) Online learning Hub

ii) Digital coaching

iii) Books ( e-books and paperback)

iv) Audio Books

v) Content aggregation and syndication

vi) Seminars, and workshops

vii) Corporate Training

viii) Broadcasting and OTT

ix) Consultation and Project services


i) To transform minds and lives of people irrespective of caste, creed, color, race, religion, or economic status.

ii) To solve People’s problems in an easy and economical approach.

iii) To leverage online space and digital media for the elevation of people’s lives across the world.

iv) To dug out hidden treasures and practical teachings in ancient scriptures and transfer those resources to the people of this beautiful planet.

The Problem CMH Global is Solving

Most of the People are uncertain,depressed, stressed, hypertensive, lustful, directionless, angry, greedy, egoistic, hateful: these problems have given rise to large-scale frustration of youth and working class. Students face difficulties in their studies. There are atrocities on women and old aged. An inclusive and holistic approach is needed to transform human beings from animal instincts to noble instincts so that this world is worth living. CMH Global addresses this issue and strives to provide best possible solutions.


i) CMH Global is an OTT platform which streams and showcases content in the form of videos, audios and text formats.

ii) It runs online daily newspaper "Conscious Times".

iii) It runs on line digital magazines namely "Chetna" and "Conscious Pen".

iv) It showcases video, audio and newspapers of various spiritual organizations and Gurus.